GPA:  3.92               ACT Score:  >25               NCAA 1610629733

Why Football?

"The enemy of the best is the good. If you're always settling for what's good, you'll never be the best." ― Jerry Rice

       My reason for playing football is simple. I love the sport. It also helps me further discipline myself and succeed in life. It's easy to go through life without great expectations, firm boundaries, and a rigor focused on excellence. I believe the passion and discipline I've found through football will further advance these in my life.
      My goal is to become a successful professional football player with a long career and a reputation for community development.​

 Key Stats: 267 Pts, 22 FGs (5/5 at 30-39 Yds), 159 XPts, 186 TBs, 8 TDs, 37 Rec, 662 Yds, 54 Solos & 3 Ints

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Many thanks to my parents, siblings and...

John Burroughs School, Coach John Merritt, Coach Dan Harris, Head of School Andy Abbott and the rest of the JBS community have been instrumental in my growth as an athlete and all-around young man.

Elite Special Teams Academy, Coach Neil Rackers and Coach David Brader are AWESOME! They taught me the technical skills and situational awareness that is all-important as a kicker/punter.

Thank you to New City School, my 1st Grade Teacher, Mrs. Monette, Head of School Emeritus, Tom Hoerr and all the New City School families for fostering and furthering my curiosity for learning and quest for excellence.

About Me

I'm a Defensive Back / Kicker / Athlete who can make a significant and diverse contribution to special teams, offense and/or defense.  Contact Suleman Burrows (314.494.5686), my Dad, Ray Burrows (314.368.9847) or Coach Neil Rackers.

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